MCO Special Care Pack

RM 150 RM 218

Want healthier, more beautiful eyes this MCO? Get a pair of anti-blue light glasses + your favourite color contact lenses at a sweet bundle price! Savings up to 30% OFF! 

What's in our MCO Special Care Pack:

  • A pair of stylish, lightweight Korean frame 
  • Zero-Power (Suitable for Everyone) Anti-Blue Light Lens equipped with:
    1. HD Pro Coating (Anti-Glare, High Clarity, Dust-Proof)
    2. UV420 Protection (Optimum UV and Blue Light Protection)
    3. Anti-Fatigue (Reduces Eye Strain, Headaches, & Insomnia)
  • Soft felt casing for easy glasses storage
  • Microfibre cloth for scratch-free cleaning
  • 2 boxes of your preferred color contact lenses (monthly/daily) 
  • Lifetime access to Watch Out's professional eye care consultation

Sounds great? Don't miss out on this eye-care pack! Especially if you're spending long hours in front of electronic gadgets working, studying, gaming, etc.. This MCO, stay protected, stay safe and STAY GORGEOUS! 

Road to healthier, more beautiful eyes starts here! Available while stocks last!

Contact Lens Info:

Freshkon Colors Fusion: Featuring sparkling colors to create an iconic look, these monthly lenses boast water loving surface for comfortable wear. Make a bold fashion statement with these dazzling colors.

Freshlook CC Lens: Get Naturally Vivid Eyes with CC Lens special 3-in-1 color technology designed to make your eyes bigger and blend beautifully for a natural effect. These daily disposable lenses makes great companion for special occasions for a boost of confidence. 

Frame Guide:

For the Petites:

  1. Audrey - Size: 49mm (Lens Width) - 17mm (Bridge Width) – 45mm (Lens Height) - 145mm (Temple Length)
  2. Abrele - Size: 52mm (Lens Width) - 20mm (Bridge Width) - 50mm (Lens Height) - 145mm (Temple Length)

Everyone's Favourites:

  1. Wanda - Size: 53mm (Lens Width) - 18mm (Bridge Width) - 50mm (Lens Height) - 143mm (Temple Length)
  2. Abby - Size: 53mm (Lens Width) - 18mm (Bridge Width) – 50mm (Lens Height) - 143mm (Temple Length)
  3. Luke - Size: 54mm (Lens Width) - 19mm (Bridge Width) - 51mm (Lens Height) - 142mm (Temple Length)

For those that wants to Stand Out:

  1. Jekyll - Size: 55mm (Lens Width) - 17mm (Bridge Width) - 45mm (Lens Height) - 147mm (Temple Length)
  2. Alexandre - Size: 55mm (Lens Width) - 19mm (Bridge Width) - 45mm (Lens Height) - 144mm (Temple Length)
  3. Winson - Size: 56mm (Lens Width) - 20mm (Bridge Width) - 50mm (Lens Height) - 138mm (Temple Length)