MI TESORO (Daily - 10 PCS)

RM 60


Premium silicone hydrogel cosmetic lenses made for souls that are young at heart. Unleash that sweetheart look with these captivating colours that brightens your skin tone and elevate your look.

Story behind each specially curated colour:

  1. Ivory Nude - Beige-gold starburst tone encapsulated by a nudish-blue gray pocket, this sophisticated colour is reminiscent of that heart-throbbing moment of receiving a love letter.
  2. Baby Purple - Boasting a magical combination of purple and light orange undertones, this beautiful colour is made for all the sweetheart darlings, great for that special date.
  3. Smoky Amber - Naturally alluring yet sweet, this cocoa-amber combination will surely turn heads wherever you go.


  • Each lens is encapsulated with PMB wetting agents for long-lasting moisture
  • Outstanding comfort for long hours wear
  • Bio-Molecule 3D Wrap (BMW) Color Technology reassures colorant are locked away from the eyes
  • Optimum UV protection for safer and healthier eyes
  • Richer & more vivid colours for sparkling eyes


  • Thin Lens: 0.06mm
  • Base Curve: 8.7mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Diameter: 14.2mm

TO TAKE NOTE: Each box is for 1 power only. Minimum of 2 boxes of the SAME COLOUR is required to make it a pair if you have different eye power.