Pink Panther - Violet

RM 65

Be Merry, Be Jolly - "Shine Like A Diamond"

Miss that childlike innocence? Shine like a diamond this summer with the sweetest looking cosmetic lens from Korea - Pink Panther!

Key Features:

  • Silicone hydrogel lens enhances water retention and long hours comfort 
  • 38% water content for higher lens stability and better breathability 
  • 14.3mm diameter for enhanced big-eye effect
  • 8.8mm base curve for Asian fit
  • 100% Korea-Imported cosmetic lens with GMP certification 
  • Stunning colour design for an elevated 'ulzzang' look 

"Confidence starts from believing in your own beauty, and beauty starts here."

Try it today at a time-limited deal - Buy 2 boxes (2 months) at only RM99 for 2 months worth of stunning, beautiful eyes (Save 25%). Comes with complimentary 100ML multipurpose solution too while stocks last.

**Only 1 POWER for each box. If you have DIFFERENT EYE POWER for left and right, MINIMUM OF 2 BOXES is required.

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