Air Optix Color (2 pcs)

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Introducing new generation silicone hydrogel cosmetic contact lenses - AIR OPTIX® COLORS

Create a beautiful look that blends naturally with any eye color— whether you have dark eyes or light, whether you need vision correction or not. These breathable* contact lenses provide stunning eye color and outstanding comfort.

Made with proprietary SmartShield ® Technology, these lenses provide comfort from day 1 to day 30 with an ultra-thin protective layer to help shield your lenses from irritating deposits and provide consistent comfort all month long.

These breathable silicone hydrogel contact lenses allow 6X MORE OXYGEN through the lens compared to hema material color contact lens for white, healthy-looking eyes.  Express yourself with 12 eye-enhancing colors today! 

Lens Specifications

Water Content: 33%
Lens Diameter: 14.2mm

Base Curve: 8.6mm

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