We’re experienced opticians who have been in the optical industry for 25 years with several brands under our umbrella. For the past 25 years of running brick and mortar optical stores, we have learnt to listen to our customers’ needs & wants which is the very reason we now bring Watch Out online for you! A streamlined cost & time-saving experience that delivers your favourite eyewear to your doorstep!

We’re making the transition to the way people will buy prescription glasses in the future. As traditional opticians, we would daily see customers coming into the store to find a new pair of prescription glasses and be confused by the selection and technicalities. Often, it’s overwhelming to browse the walls covered with eyewear of all kinds of materials, shapes, sizes, designs and then trying to figure out the final price for the frames you like, with the lenses you need.

We knew we could do better than that, so we founded Watch Out with the simple mission to make buying high quality eyewear quick, easy and affordable!

We promise you a friendly shopping experience at Watch Out where you can easily search and identify your preferred pair of prescription glasses with our quick start guide

More importantly, we have an active fund where RM2 from every pair of glasses sold is collected to fund new glasses for children in need at orphanages in Malaysia. Let us do our part in making the society a better place to live in; Let us join hands to help them see the world better. 

- Watch Out & See-ze the Moment -