Stylish Eyewear Handpicked From the Best For YOUR Lifestyle

Our creative team hails from the land of Ulzzangs - that’s right! all the way from Korea! We’ll help you with your eyewear makeover. Why stop when you can be the trendsetter in your community? — We travel across countries to master the art of personalising prescription glasses in a wide variety of materials and styles to suit every lifestyle. You can be the Star!

Our Creative Director go through a very stringent selection process to handpick frames that satisfy 4 core criteria: YOUR preference , YOUR fitting , YOUR eye-care and YOUR $$$.

  • We strive to eliminate the struggle of identifying the Perfect Pair for everyone. With a simplified selection process, we make it happen.
  • Boring, old-fashioned, poor fitting, unflattering glasses; Are these stopping you from wearing glasses? Fret not, Your Makeover starts here.
  • A moment of blurriness is a moment of opportunity missed. It’s time for us to start see-zing the moment.
  • Watch Out brings the best of both world to your doorstep at an affordable price without compromising quality and style. After-all, why should looking attractive be expensive?

- Watch Out for the stars, we’ll reach them for you -