The Craftsmanship

We believe every individual is unique. Thus, we aspire to bring out the extraordinary in YOU! As your eyewear craftsman, we dive deep into understanding your character and lifestyle to unveil the very essence that makes you, You. We hope that our eyewear gives you a boost of confidence and speaks volume about your personality. Each and every pair that we produce aims to integrate a crucial part of individuality, to bring to you a truly personalised eyewear. Here at Watch Out, we craft trendy, high quality eyewear that you can definitely afford, no matter your budget. Say bye to financial inconvenience! You can now even have a different pair for different occasions! Because, why not?

Living Room Shopping at Your Convenience - Bringing the best to your doorstep!

Watch Out is here to simplify the decision-making process for you at your comfort. That means no pushy sales assistants breathing down your neck! We offer just-in-time advices while you browse to help you choose the ultimate pair that matches your needs and lifestyle. Need more? Get in touch with our style consultant from the chat bot and we’ll be sure to give you a hand. But hey, that’s not all! We ensure that our packaging is a delight in itself to unbox. We continue to dedicate ourself in producing designs that are epitome of elegance and style. At Watch Out, we serve to deliver the best of eyewear to your doorstep in a jiffy.

Unparalleled Prices with Top After-Purchase Service

Our prescription glasses come at a fraction of the price because there’s just no middlemen, distributors, resellers or retailers charging a mark-up.

BUT DON’T WORRY, you will still get the same after-purchase service as you would in a physical store. We work closely with brick & mortar optical retailers where you can drop by anytime should you need face-to-face consultation or help - FOR FREE! - if you need just an adjustment, a change of nose pad or your regular cleaning done. Just check out our list of affiliated partners and the professionals will be ready to greet you with a smile. Next thing you know, you’ll be walking out with a polished pair of glasses - as good as new.