RM 149

Is your child spending more than 4 hours on digital devices? ⏰ If yes, they may be exposed to harmful blue light! 

With the new norm sinking in more than ever, children are spending almost 100% of their time indoors. And that means MORE Digital Screen Time facing computer, iPads, TVs, mobile phone for play and for studies, thus exposing their vulnerable, under-developed eyes to HARMFUL BLUE LIGHT!

How can these blue light harm children?
😞 Vision Problems: Dry Eyes, Blurred Vision, Headache caused by Eye Strain
🥱 Sleep Troubles: Poor Sleep Quality / Sleep Loss (Insomnia)
🤯 Mental Issues: Anxiety, Depression, Hyperactivity (Difficulty in Focusing)

Prevention is better than cure! Get your child a pair of blue filter glasses today to protect their eyes during digital screen time. Save up to RM110 today! 

In collaboration with Essilor (Elements), these blue filter lenses are equipped with optimum blue filter and UV protection and is smudge and scratch-resistant too.

These versatile glasses are also kid-friendly and tailored to fit children's face for those aged between 4-12 years old. Made of skin-friendly, hypoallergenic TR material, these ultem frames are also highly flexible making it extra durable for your child.

Your package will also come with a cute, multipurpose, retractable casing and a 1 year warranty too! (design will be given at random based on availability).

Because every child's vision matters!