Medicsoft Sweet Magic - Pink (Monthly 2 PCS)

RM 60


Medicsoft Sweet Magic boast a unique pattern with custom color blend for depth and brilliance. These premium silicone hydrogel cosmetic lenses are designed to bring forth unparalleled beauty and ultimate comfort for long hours wear! Experience the 3-in-1 colour technology for natural, beautiful eye colour today!

Key Features & Benefits:

1. More natural star burst tone
Sweet Magic lenses allow darker eyes to be lightened and bright eyes to be enhanced. The 3 tones collection enhances your eyes with a subtle pattern for a radiant result.

2. A touch of glamour
Create vividly defined eyes and add a touch of glamour to your look.

3. For healthy eyes
43% water content for optimum comfort and clarity.


Lens Specification

Water Content: 43%
Lens Diameter: 14.3mm

Base Curve: 8.8mm

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